Random Tuesday (Halloween) Thoughts

The closer we get to being matched with a child, the more I start thinking about who this child is and what it will be like to start our family. Is their biological mother pregnant with them right now? Or is our child already born? Is our child a boy or a girl? Are they sad or being hurt right now? Or are they happy and don’t understand what is going on in their life? Will they be dressing up for Halloween today and going trick or treating? I would LOVE to be taking our child out tonight for trick or treating. Next year. 🙂

It is kind of fun and exciting to have these thoughts, but it also makes me anxious and impatient. Although we are extremely close to being approved and in child search, it has taken us 9 months to get to this point. If I had been pregnant all this time, I would have already given birth! Talk about perspective. I could have cooked a little human by now and be holding and loving them. Nothing worth having comes easy, right? A lady that works for our adoption agency told me recently, “This part is my labor pains”. Although not physical pain, I can definitely feel the mental and emotional toll lately.

It is funny how something can consume so much of you, but you don’t really realize it until you start making stupid mistakes at work or stop doing things like you used to do. I have always been so good about sending cards to people for their birthday or even remembering it was their birthday. In the past 9 months, I have slipped in this department and I apologize to anyone who has felt the neglect. It is not intentional!

We started putting together a room for our child! That has been really fun. We chose an arctic theme with black, white, gray, and some blue. There will be penguins, polar bears, and any other arctic creatures we can find. The convertible crib is half way put together because we aren’t sure if we will need a crib or a toddler bed. 😀 So, we wait. I am currently searching for a new to gently used crib/toddler bed mattress, high chair, and rocking chair. I can see yard sales in my near future. 😉

Media center we bought for $55, added some cute cubbies, and made it a dresser and changing table, if needed!

Our home study is this coming Friday, November 3 and I think we are actually ready. We hadn’t done any child proofing of the house prior to this week because the process was dragging and we knew we had time. Then BAM! Our social worker, Briana, scheduled our home study one week out from our individual interviews with her. We were stoked! As of right now, we are looking at approximately 2 months for full approval. Fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed!

Andrew and I have been going over our list of child names and trying to decide what we like best. If we are able to adopt an infant or child under 1 year old, we would feel more comfortable with a name change. However, is it poor form to change a child’s name when they are old enough to know it and possibly even say it? This is all up in the air, at the moment. I guess we will need to play it by ear and see what happens.

So, that is all for now. A little bit more waiting for us, but it shouldn’t be too much longer until we can introduce the world to the newest little Fisher. Since we are going the Fos-Adopt route, we will not be able to show pictures of our child’s face until the adoption is finalized (during the foster care portion). Finalization will take at least 6 months, if not longer. We will still post pictures, just with a blurred or covered face. 😀



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