Your Change Can Make A Change


I don’t know about you, but I love change! Not just the act of making something different, but coins…I LOVE COINS! Quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, etc.

If I am walking down the street or at my husband’s soccer game and see a coin on the ground, you better believe I am picking it up! People probably look at me like I am crazy or disgusting for touching such a dirty piece of metal, but I don’t care. That coin is going towards a greater good, in my book. Even before our adoption journey, I have always saved coins. They are in an Almond Roca tin can in our house. Some coins are rolled and some are loose in Ziploc bags. I have a separate Ziploc for each denomination of coin. Every time I add more change to the can, I count it and mark it down on my folded sheet of paper inside. Ok, maybe I am crazy! 🙂

The thing is, it brings me joy. Watching these little pieces of zinc and nickel add up to dollars is fun for me. Now a days, we all seem to use our credit/debit cards more often than cash and that has pretty much eliminated the presence of coins in our lives. I actually asked Andrew recently if we could start withdrawing cash from the bank. That way, when we pay for our goods with cash, we will receive coins in return! Is this a sickness??

He doesn’t understand it. Heck, I don’t really understand it either. However, what a simple way to help us push forward in our fundraising efforts. Find a penny? Pick it up. As the riddle goes, “all day long you’ll have good luck”. But more importantly, put that penny in a sippy cup (or any container you wish) and save it. Add to it. You may only collect $5.00, but that $5.00 is for Oliver! It brings us that much closer to bringing him here and being a family forever.

Sippy Cup Change Drive – March 1 – 31, 2017

If you purchase a brand new sippy cup for the change drive, we would love to keep it for Oliver to use.

The household that collects the most change will win a prize!

Please let us know if you would like to be a part of our CHANGE. 🙂


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