Oliver Lake Fisher

Our son, our pride and joy, our entire world.

We started this adoption journey in October 2016. At that time, it was just researching agencies, looking through photo listings (which felt so odd, like searching for a puppy at the local pound), and trying to figure out how we will ever be able to afford an adoption.

Once I, Ashley, saw Oliver’s face on RainbowKids.com, there was a spark. A connection. It was a feeling I couldn’t explain. I felt like I knew him and loved him already. I showed his profile to my husband, Andrew, and asked if we could obtain more information about him.

Andrew was apprehensive at first. Not only were we talking about a child from another country ($$$$$), but this child was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a cleft palate. It was a lot for him to take in. We did request more information on Oliver (at the time known as “Micah”), which included updated photos, a video, and vague medical records.

Oliver stole my heart that day. Watching him interact with his caregivers, scooting his little bottom across the table he sat upon, and dancing to the Chinese music the caregivers played on their iPhone. He could not have been a more perfect child for us.

After weeks of talking, researching, reassuring, and reassuring again, we submitted an application for pre-approval to adopt Oliver. China, like all countries, have guidelines for adoptive parents. One of the guidelines is that both parents have to be at least 30 years old. I will not turn 30 until August 17, 2017. Therein lies our first hurdle. What this means is that we can’t submit our dossier packet to China until July or August 2017, to ensure that they will not deny us based on the age requirement.

As of today, we are in the home study process. We are attending meetings and trainings, completing paperwork, and bracing ourselves for the agency to come to our house and tell us what isn’t “kid friendly”. 😉 It is all scary, nerve-racking, and stressful, but then we look at that face of his and it is ALL WORTH IT!!

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